Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing – Free Download Course


Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing – Free Download Course Updated

From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond



Small deals. Big deals. And everything in-between. Start to finish with high detail. For new & experienced investors looking for a fresh perspective to make $.

Thank you for considering the decision to transform your life and live the life of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor — One of Wealth and Passive Income; Congratulations! Here’s more information for you on what Kevin does here. Also, check with your CPA as this may be a tax-deduction against your business or investments (Kevin is told many deduct this).
Update March 26, 2020: New Lectures are Releasing Over the next 3 Weeks on Contracts, Negotiations, and More. These are free/included for all members new and existing. Note: As more content releases, the price will go up. If you’re already a member or join today, all future content is included for free.
Welcome – Is This Right For You?
Meet Kevin teaches the principles and fundamentals of real estate investing to take you to the next level of wealth no matter what your experience is:

360+ LIFETIME-ACCESS lectures benefit you no matter if you:

✅Have ZERO Investing Experience.

✅Have SOME Investing Experience.

✅You’re Looking for Passive Income and Cashflow.

✅You’re Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.

✅You’re Hunting for Deals (Including wholesaling topics!).

✅You’re Licensed OR NOT.

✅You Speak English (Useful Globally / Internationally).
Or you are:
✅A Brand-New Investor ($0 Net Worth) — Step-by-step guide.

✅A Somewhat Experienced Investor ($25,000-250,000 Net Worth).

✅An Experienced Investor ($250,000+ Net Worth).

✅ALSO extremely useful for: Agents, brokers, lenders, CPAs, & industry members (clients expect you know this; why not make it easy for you to make sure you do?).
Meet Kevin’s Mission Statement:

❇️Teach the specific mechanics to live the lifestyle of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor. This means knowing more than “cap rate,” “ROI,” and some other basic real estate textbook topics and spreadsheets. This is much more. THIS teaches you the psychology needed to succeed as a Millionaire investor for life, the art of negotiation and deal making, and how to make passive income and cashflow.

What You Get:

✳️Over 360+ HIGH-QUALITY Lectures to enable your Mastery of Real Estate.

✳️Daily (Market Open), Private Group Livestreams with Kevin (AKA mentoring through 2020 guaranteed).

✳️Access to our Private Group Discord channel with Kevin (The best way to reach Kevin is to attend the livestreams, though Kevin does reply to most questions on Discord).

✳️Lifetime access to recorded livestreams & lectures.

✳️Free Teachable App access to Watch Courses on the go.

✳️Set custom Playback speed.

✳️New Lectures are Regularly Added (Example: Market trends or law changes).


⚠️Pricing *has to* go up as more members join to fully support the streams and Discord channel. Lock in the today’s pricing as pricing has already increased.
You Will:
✳️Learn how to build your net worth INSTANTLY with Wedge Deals.

✳️Learn how to build your cashflow and passive income.

✳️Learn the psychology of the investing in real estate and mastering deals.

✳️Learn how to communicate with contractors, agents, lenders to get the best DEALs and make them smooth.

✳️Understand not just the textbook fundamentals of how to calculate cashflow, but how to actually FIND cashflow and what it means to you — look at real estate from a different perspective.

✳️This is much more than an overview of real estate investing. It’s a way to change your mindset and let you become a life-style real estate investor.

✳️When you master this lifestyle, passive income and any of your visions will be significantly easier to attain.


☑️Content will continue to be added FOR FREE as time goes on.

☑️Content will continue to be available after purchase with lifetime access.

☑️Since we are offering access to our private livestreams and private Discord channel at purchase, we cannot offer refunds.

☑️You can search my reputation on Yelp “Meet Kevin” and see that my reputation is very important to me.

☑️The livestream schedule may change (more might be added, different times, etc.).

☑️At some point into the future, the *new* livestream schedule may reduce. All previous content remains for life. Livestreams guaranteed through 2020.

Targeted Students
This course will be wide ranging covering topics for all investors including beginner, intermediate, & advanced investing topics.
New investors will learn ground-up knowledge from how to start AT ANY AGE (we’ll have various start points and segments to share exactly recommended courses for starting at various ages).

Advanced investors may benefit from a new perspective on topics they thought they were already experts on (such as negotiations, dealing with tenants and contractors, etc.).
Is this Also good for International Investors (outside United States?): ?Yes, it would be! About 25 to 30% of our students are international students. Kevin aims to teach fundamentals and principles that are applicable globally. Certainly we might use some examples specific to the United States and if you understand the concepts, you will be able to apply them globally. This is why we say we like to teach rather than give you some cheat sheets simply to copy. Student who learn this information will be able to adapt it to their local region within 20 to 30 minutes of talking to a local lender or agent (in their circles).

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