Underestimated By Kelly Felix – Free Download Course Updated


Underestimated By Kelly Felix – Free Download Course Updated

The 7 Step Formula I Used to Build a $50 Million Dollar Online Business While Quarantined in My Home Office, Starting with a “Dumb” Idea & a Notepad

Plus the 2 Steps I Missed That Would’ve Put Us Over $100 Million in Sales

I’ve put together a video blueprint of everything I did to create a $50 million dollar business from scratch.

You’ll Learn the Secrets to:
– Creating the perfect pre-sell “advertorial” page that warms people up

– Creating a VSL (video sales letter) that converts “cold traffic” (people who have never heard of you) into customers

– Creating the perfect upsell (if your first upsell doesn’t convert, your business is dead on arrival)

– How to split-test ONE page above all others (nobody does this) and increase profitability by 20% instantly

– What to do on your thank-you page, after people order (crucial, and 99% don’t do this)

– The #1 email that makes the most sales (nothing else even comes close)

– How to significantly increase your AOV (avg order value) on DAY ONE, without selling any extra products

– How to create & include a free bonus that makes you extra money on autopilot

– How to make sales on 80% of incoming calls, and 25% of outgoing calls, without hiring a single person

– The simple “10 second trick” to use at the end of every phone call that got us an added $100k/month in profit, without needing the caller to purchase anything extra

– Putting together a customer service team for FREE, who are better than any paid person could ever be (I’ve never seen anyone else do this)

– The #1 selling Facebook ad that drove $1 million per week in sales for us

– Our top converting advertorials

– All of our native ad winners (as well as those that didn’t work)

– How to make a cheap infomercial in ONE DAY that outsells the companies spending millions

– The one thing to NEVER do on an infomercial (this cost us millions in profit and is a huge takeaway)

– A sneak peak inside my other thriving businesses, that I’m running right now

– I also recently filmed several new tv infomercials in various industries, and I’ll share them with you… including details on how they’re doing, how much they cost etc

– And much more… (including some special surprises)

If you want to build a multi-million dollar online business, that sells information…

You’re in the right place.

And if you’re curious about how well an “info-product” company can do…

Last I heard, Agora Financial was a $2 billion dollar company…

Selling nothing but information.

And don’t worry…

If you don’t have anyone to help you create your info product…

Or enough confidence or experience to do the marketing for it…

I’ll share the freelancers I use for EVERYTHING, and they charge very reasonable rates.

Why Should You Join Underestimated.com?
Because I’m giving you the exact A to Z blueprint that I wish I had when I was frustrated year after year…

When I was failing over and over…

While everyone else seemed to be “killing it”.

If you’ve ever felt like you were capable of more, but stuck in a rut…

I know exactly how you feel.

When I was struggling, I wish I had someone to hold my hand every step of the way.

A mentor who had “been there, done that”.

My pride kept me from reaching out to anyone for help.

Don’t let your own pride get in your way.

This is an ego-free zone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop buying courses, watching webinars, reading books, or going to events…

Wouldn’t it be nice to silently laugh when you see some joker on Facebook post about his Lamborghini for the 50th time…

Knowing that you can now afford one too?

While at the same time knowing that you don’t need to flex on social media…

Because you are too busy running a successful business!

Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on ONE THING…

While you watch over the shoulder as I cover everything from A to Z.

To be a fly on the wall during the most epic case-study ever shared, on exactly how I went from ZERO to $50 million.

I’ll even share how I exited (sold) the business for another big payday on the way out.

There is nothing else like this anywhere. PERIOD.

What’s Included…
Part 1

A 10 video series covering EXACTLY how I created and scaled “Credit Secrets” from zero to $50 million, starting with just a notepad.
A step by step video series with nothing left out.
Part 2

Access to ongoing videos, showing my methods in action on several of my current businesses.
Follow along, as I provide regular updates of what I’m doing and why. What worked and what didn’t.
Plus Over $30k+ in Bonuses:
Bonus #1
A Day with Dan Kennedy

We spent $19k for a private day with the Godfather of Marketing.
Dan Kennedy gave us all of his recommendations, including the areas where we were missing out on additional revenue streams.
You’ll get the audio recording and see why he was worth every penny, and why we sent him another 75k later that day.
Bonus #2
The In-Law Method…

Named after my wife’s parents who have made a very comfortable living doing something that ANYONE can do, working from home.
Add this technique to your bag of tricks, and you’ll have a steady income outside of the rat race forever.
This is the one you should share with your family & friends when they want to become their own boss.
Video walkthru included.
Bonus #3

I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in the early success of many of today’s top business leaders and marketers.
People who you may not have heard of, and some you most definitely have.
I sit down with them in candid, off-the-cuff interviews, where they let their guard down and get real about their journey.
Bonus #4
Advertorial Price Guide & Contact Sheet

This document took years, and tens of thousands of dollars to compile.
A good advertorial will presell your product before people even hit your page.
You will be shocked to see which very well known authority websites will partner with you, and “vouch” for your company or product.
Bonus #5
Donny Gamble’s Affiliate Gold

Donny is the #1 affiliate in the world for the gold industry. His websites have generated millions of dollars in gold investments. One of his gold affiliate websites was acquired by a gold firm for $500k.
Thankfully he agreed to create a video series on exactly how to build a profitable affiliate website in the gold investing space.
I run the highest paying gold affiliate program in America, so this program shows you how to take advantage of that.
Bonus #6
Chris Haddad Copy Breakdown

Chris Haddad is the best story-telling copywriter in the game.
He’s next to impossible to hire, but I was lucky enough to have him review a salesletter I paid another copywriter $10k to write.
Chris went through it and explained exactly what was right and wrong with it. It is truly a remarkable video to watch. The way he thinks is other-worldly, and this video is priceless. He single-handedly turned one of my salesletters into a monster that converts to cold traffic. And you will see him do that live and unfiltered.
Bonus #7
Rich Jerk Revisited

The entire story of “The Rich Jerk”, which at one time was my most successful product, selling 500,000 copies from 2005-2008.
Every little thing you could ever want to know about the infamous RJ brand that people still discuss to this day. The past is the past, but people still ask me about it pretty often, so here ya go!
Bonus #8
Rolodex of my Freelancers

Access to the same freelancers I use for all of my own projects.
From creating content, to customer service, SEO, Facebook ad management, VSL production, copywriting, voiceover, and more.
They’re all here.

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