Makepeace Mastermind Alliance By Clayton – Free Download Bundle Course AWAI


Makepeace Mastermind Alliance By Clayton Makepeace – Free Download Bundle Course AWAI

We’re giving you full and unlimited access to the greatest collection of copywriting and marketing knowledge ever assembled:

Secrets, strategies, and real-life examples from Clayton and 33 Marketing Masters to help you create the business… income… and freedom you’ve always wanted and deserve!

Clayton Makepeace was one of the best-known, most respected copywriters of all time. For more than 45 years, his compelling copy connected people to products they needed, while helping entrepreneurs build multimillion-dollar companies. His record speaks volumes:

He grew one company from monthly sales of $300,000 to an astonishing $16 million every month — in just one year.

He sold two million subscriptions to Phillips Publishing’s Health & Healing newsletter and generated more than $30 million in sales for Health Resources’ “Oral Chelation” supplement.

He built three newsletters — The Money Advocate, Personal Health Bulletin, and Safe Money Report — into the largest of their kind in the world.

And he created online promotions for Weiss Research that generated revenues of up to $18.5 million in as few as 60 days.

All told, Clayton’s sales copy generated well over $1.5 BILLION in sales. Yet his legacy extends far beyond this number. The writers and entrepreneurs he helped by sharing his knowledge have gone on to collectively generate billions in sales as well. Clayton’s life is testimony to the difference one person can make, especially as his gift of genius continues to be shared and multiplied.

Giving You Access to More than 33 Incredible Copywriting and Marketing Masters — Brought to You by Clayton — in a Way That Only He Could!

Clayton wanted to do even more than showing you how he created winning copy. He also wanted you to learn from the people he respected most… Masters like…

Mark Ford… New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and Chief Growth Strategist for Agora Inc., the international publisher that started at a kitchen table and now brings in almost $1 billion in revenues every year…

Dan S. Kennedy… best-selling author, founder of Magnetic Marketing®, and highly sought-after copywriter, and business and marketing strategist, who has guided countless entrepreneurs to seven and eight-figure incomes…

Rich Schefren… the marketer and strategist Clayton called “an absolute genius” who’s helped clients add $15 billion in revenues since 2006… and continue to bring in over a billion dollars every year…

Ryan Deiss… Founder of companies like Digital Marketer that have helped build multimillion-dollar businesses in 23 different industries, generating over $100 million dollars in sales…

Carline Anglade-Cole… an internationally acclaimed health copywriter with multi-year controls for Health Resources, True Health, Healthy Directions, Boardroom, Biscayne Labs, NeoGenis, and more — including a direct mail package to help launch Oprah’s O Magazine…

Todd Brown… an authority on customer acquisition funnels — with clients in over 33 different countries and more than 65 different markets — who’s helped business owners engineer more six and seven-figure funnels than any other expert online today…

Ben Settle… a master at creating email campaigns that have collectively earned tens of millions of dollars in competitive markets such as golf, weight loss, business opportunity, self-defense, home business, dating, and internet marketing…

John Forde… an award-winning copywriter and marketer who has helped clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in the financial, health, and travel industries for more than 28 years…

Bob Bly… copywriter and author of 100 books with over 100 clients primarily in B2B industries — including IBM, Forbes, Dupont, AT&T… to name a few…

And many more!

The expertise these Masters share gives you an edge… the extra knowledge and skills that can take you from a copywriter who works hard to eke out a comfortable living …

… to a copywriter who’s in demand and commanding high fees — in whatever niche you write in.

I’ll tell you more about this incredible opportunity in just a minute, including how you can claim your all-access pass.

Now, collateral copy is just another name for copy that supports funnels and sales letters. It can include…

Outbound emails
Squeeze pages
Sales landing pages
Cart pages
Thank you pages
Confirm emails
Upsell and downsell offers
Display ads
Short form ad copy

Bonus # 1
Clayton’s Key Checklists for Copywriters
Checklists always helped Clayton to turn out powerful copy, faster than anyone I know. And this bonus gives you the checklists he used most, including his…

Pretty Darned Good Outline…
40 Headline Idea Starters…
16-Point Headline Checklist…
12-Step Offer Checklist…
The Dominant Emotion Toolbox!
These are the very checklists Elizabeth Blessing used to write her royalty-winning promotions. And copywriter, Roy Furr, had this to say about Clayton’s Pretty Darned Good Outline…

“Without a doubt, Clayton’s Outline helped me build my copywriting business. It gave me the confidence to go out and launch my copywriting career. Using the outline, I got my first big winner, with AWAI as a client. Then, I got Brian Tracy as a client. Then Nightingale-Conant as a client. And then I started getting financial publishers as clients and writing winners for them. And everything grew from there!”

Clayton’s Checklists are not available for sale anywhere. And I’m not planning to sell it — ever. If I wanted to, I could sell it for at least $99. But it’s yours — free — as a Makepeace Mastermind Alliance member.

Bonus #2
Clayton’s 500-Page Swipe File
You get so many swipes from Clayton’s guests, I had to make sure you got some from Clayton, too. So how about 500 pages of Clayton’s top sales letters?

That’s right! You get 25 of Clayton’s classic financial and alternative health sales letters — in direct mail format.

Copywriter, Chris Allsop, recently told me… “Wow! I can’t get over how many ideas I got from one promotion in this Swipe File. Each promo is like a pot of gold!”

In the past, we sold this Swipe File for $394. I can’t imagine what it would cost today — if I wanted to sell it. Either way, it’s yours, FREE!

Bonus #3
Clayton’s $20 Million Sales Letter Masterclass
In a very special bonus presentation, Clayton reveals his process behind a sales letter that generated close to $20 million in sales for his client.

He shares the strategy behind every section of copy… and shows you, step-by-step, how to write sales letters like he did.

Here are some comments Mastermind members shared after Clayton’s presentation…

“Clayton…Awesome Presentation! Thank you for sharing your sales letter and going in depth about your thinking process when writing it.”
Jeffrey Traister

“Terrific, Clayton. Thanks for sharing that information with us. It will definitely help me write better copy!”
Larry Hoover

“Congratulations on this fantastic piece, Clayton! Your insights are priceless. Especially as a roll-up-your-sleeves work session. Thank you!”
Cindy Reed

And as I mentioned earlier… Jon Stoltzfus used ideas from this seminar in a sales letter that made $1.8 million for his client… and a five-figure royalty for him.

If I were to package this Masterclass as a learning tool on its own, I would ask at least $199. But you get it, absolutely free.

Bonus #4
Makepeace Mastermind Alliance Newsletters
In the final year of the Mastermind, Clayton included a monthly newsletter for members. And every issue is packed with powerful information.

To start with, each newsletter provides highlights of Clayton’s discussion with his special guests. It’s a quick and easy way to get major points from each interview.

And Clayton also updated some of his classic Total Package articles. And if you’re wondering how valuable these articles are, here’s what Master Email Copywriter, Ben Settle, said about them:

“Reading Clayton’s articles was like being a kid in Candyland. Every word he wrote was solid gold. I took notes like a madman, and rapidly implemented everything he said, and it made a big impact on my sales.

Clayton was churning out info for free that was so valuable nobody would have minded paying through the nose for it. I have a huge binder here in my office of his articles I printed out … which I still refer to a couple times a year.”

If we could bundle and sell these newsletters, I’m told they would sell for $79 — minimum. Yet they’re yours, free, as a Makepeace Mastermind Alliance member.

Bonus #5
Makepeace Master Video Shorts
This is my favorite bonus. In part… because you can see and hear Clayton. But also, because they show the man I loved — wearing his heart and wisdom on his sleeve.

Over the course of two years or so, Clayton shared his most recent lessons learned… his big wins… and his setbacks. Because like you, Clayton had times when he won… and when he lost. And he honestly shared his feelings every time — along with his next step to move forward.

These Video Shorts were usually around five minutes long. They’re perfect to watch when you want a quick break… along with some discoveries and inspiration.

And it’s no surprise that Mastermind members loved them. Like Aaron Tyrell, who said…

“Love this insight into your thought process, Clayton. This five-minute video alone is worth the cost of the entire Mastermind Alliance!”

And Sandy Fox told Clayton…

“Thank you, Clayton. As always, specific, useful information… I really appreciate your video shorts.”

As for a price on these Videos? I really have no idea. Like Aaron Tyrell said, one video alone could be life changing for you.

To me… these Video Shorts are priceless.

So Let’s Recap Everything You Get…
The minute you join, you get…

Every Mastermind session & webinars — more than 35 where you can learn from the greatest marketing and copywriting minds of the 21st century — with access to every webinar playback… audio recording… transcript… tip sheet… checklist… and so much more!
Clayton’s Key Checklists for Copywriters, to help you write more powerful copy, at a faster pace!
Clayton’s 500-Page Swipe File, with his classic winners that you can use for ideas!
Clayton’s $20 Million Sales Letter Masterclass, where Clayton walks you through his process for writing a blockbuster promotion!
The Makepeace Mastermind Alliance Newsletters, full of information to boost your writing and business even further!
The Makepeace Master Video Shorts, Clayton’s quick recordings with his latest marketing insights and inspiration!

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