Write It, Don’t Fight It By Henneke Duistermaat – Free Download Course Enchanting Marketing


Write It Don’t Fight It By Henneke Duistermaat – Free Download Course Enchanting Marketing

A Step-by-Step Course to Become a Prolific and Joyful Writer!

Part 1: The Joyful Writer
How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself
In the first part of this course, you learn how to unclog your mind so your inner critic stops nagging and you can write with more joy.

You learn how to:

Take control of your creative process and work productively with your inner critic
Detect self-sabotaging behavior (we all do it!) so you can focus better on writing
Quit criticizing your work harshly, so you can learn from the authors you admire and still feel proud of your own writing
Let go of perfectionism at each stage of the writing process, so you can speed up the process from initial idea to finished piece of writing
Build your courage so you can focus on writing and beat procrastination
Rekindle your joy in writing so you feel more motivated
Commit to bigger writing goals (and achieve them!) by changing your personal narratives
You also discover:

The difference between positive and ugly perfectionism (and why it matters to joyful productivity)
The secret power of words to help you achieve more
7 proven mindset shifts to lower resistance to writing, reduce stress and find joy in writing
After completing the first part of this course, you understand how to let go of perfectionism, and how to build courage so you can dance with your writing fears. This is the firm foundation that helps you believe in yourself so you can achieve more ambitious writing goals.

Since I finished the course I find it easier to silence my inner critic and get more writing done.
~ Elena de Francisco
Part 2: The Prolific Writer
Find the Energy, Focus, and Courage
to Achieve Your Goals
In the second part of this course, you learn how to nurture healthy writing habits and how to get rid of unproductive habits so you can show up consistently and achieve your writing goals.

You learn how to:

Create momentum in your writing projects, without the need for strong willpower or iron discipline
Adopt a proven method from sports pros to get into your writing zone quickly and focus like a “peak performer”
Set the right type of targets so you feel more motivated to stick to your writing habits
Rethink time management, so you can conquer busyness and make time to write
Get rid of unproductive habits like procrastination or multitasking, so you stop feeling guilty about slow progress
Plan without overplanning so you can boost your creativity
Manage your mental energy and keep your brain in tip-top condition, so you feel more creative and can produce good content faster
Find an accountability method that works for you, so you can feel proud of achieving your writing goals
Challenge yourself to ban distractions and gain focus—the single most important skill to supercharge your writing productivity
You also discover:

Why pruning is better than weeding when improving your productivity
The “idea debt” method for finally starting your dream writing project
Hemingway’s tip for enjoying a string of good writing days
The activities in the second part of the course help you find focused time to write despite a busy schedule. You learn how to commit to and achieve your writing goals, and how to accelerate your productivity so you can become a more productive writer.

My goal in 2018 was to “blog more regularly,” which I was struggling to do. Write It Don’t Fight It came along at just the right time!
Since starting the program, I’ve written and published 3 blog posts, a 300% improvement over my track record in the same time frame.

~ Deborah Reidy
Part 3: The Confident Writer
How to Get Unstuck and Speed Up Your Writing
In the third part of this course, you learn how to master your writing process so you can sneak around writer’s block and produce good content faster.

You learn how to:

Craft your own optimal writing process—no one-size-fits-all approach exists, so you learn how to experiment with different writing strategies
Nurture an idea habit so you’ll never run out of ideas
Vet your ideas, so you’ll feel inspired to write your next article or book
Research your ideas without feeling overwhelmed by information overload
Choose one of three outlining methods so you can structure your content faster
Get your ideas on paper more quickly without your inner critic spoiling the fun of writing
Apply the 5-step revision process so you can rescue crappy first drafts without feeling overwhelmed
Harness the power of percolation—the powerful writing practice that sparks creativity and helps create better content in less time
Keep your creative muse happy, so you can crush writer’s block
You also discover:

The fine line between percolation and procrastination, and why it matters to writing faster
When it’s okay to edit while writing, and when it hurts your productivity
How pro writers use placeholders, so they get their ideas on paper more quickly
At the end of the third part of the course, you’ve acquired a toolbox full of tricks and tactics to troubleshoot your writing process so you can beat writer’s block and write faster.

In Book 3: The Confident Writer, I like Henneke’s suggestion, “Follow the 90 percent rule.” It’s true that when I take it easy, I not only write faster, but I also get better ideas. (…) When I work at 90 percent (and not 110 percent), it’s easier for me to let go of perfectionism. I am able to focus better on writing instead of stressing about the result. And it frees up a lot of my mental energy.
~ Raj K. Ashok
About your tutors
Henneke Duistermaat is the main author of the Write It, Don’t Fight It course. As a writing coach, she has helped writers and non-writers get unstuck and fall in love with writing. As a blogger, she publishes high-quality blog posts on Enchanting Marketing regularly and she has contributed to popular blogs such as Copyblogger, Inc.com, HubSpot, and Crazy Egg.

In recent years, Henneke learned how to nurture a joyful mindset and how to become more productive despite chronic pain and fatigue. Henneke dislikes writing a first draft but loves editing. She thrives on steady progress towards her goals.

Kathy Keats helped structure the Write It, Don’t Fight It course and contributed her knowledge of sports psychology and peak performance. As a former world champion in dog agility, Kathy learned how to stretch her self-belief and perform at her best. As a high-performance coach, she now helps clients unclog their mind, so they can reach their potential in sports and in life.

Kathy lives on a farm, and in recent years, she has learned how to juggle farm and online business responsibilities, and how to gain focus and nurture a writing habit despite regular interruptions. Kathy loves freewriting, resists outlining, and loves to set herself big goals to challenge herself to write more.

In this course, Kathy and Henneke share what they’ve learned from their coaching practices, supplemented with solid academic research and their personal writing experiences.

[T]hese women really know their stuff. They bring a wealth of personal experience, compassion, generosity and a solid knowledge of the literature on habit formation and other topics that support a solid writing habit.
~ Deborah Reidy
What you’ll get
Write It, Don’t Fight It is a practical course where you learn how to integrate the principles of joyful productivity into your writing practice. The course is self-paced so you can work in your own time and at a learning pace that works for you.

All material is available as downloadable videos and PDF ebooks, and as an online lesson plan to keep track of your progress.

This course consists of:

A step-by-step online lesson plan with recommended activities to apply your learning to your own writing practice
The Joyful Writer ebook: a 58-page PDF with down-to-earth guidance on how to unclog your mind, so you can work with your inner critic and write with more joy
The Prolific Writer ebook: a 55-page PDF with practical advice on how to nurture healthy writing habits so you can find the energy, focus and courage to achieve your writing goals
The Confident Writer ebook: a 56-page PDF with numerous tactics and examples on how to master your writing process so you can get unstuck and write faster
The Write It, Don’t Fight It workbook: a 50-page PDF with 26 recommended activities to apply your learning, experiment and challenge yourself to write faster, more regularly, and with more joy
The discussion video What Sport Pros Can Teach Us About Self-Doubt and Joyful Writing (31 minutes)
The discussion video What Sports Pros Can Teach Us About Motivation, Habits and Peak Performance (22 minutes)
The discussion video How to Squeeze More Out of Your Writing Time, Even If Your Energy is Low (28 minutes)

Plus you’ll get the following FREE bonuses:

Companion Email Series with additional insights and encouragement
Recommended Reading List: 12 Books That Will Help You Live a More Fulfilled, Creative Life
This is a self-paced course—you’ll get lifetime access, so you can dip back into the course at any time to reinforce your learning and pick up new tips and tricks.

At a steady pace, it’ll take you around 6 weeks to work through the material and complete the activities. But you can work faster or slow down, as suits you.

Going through all the assignments had an effect on me that goes way beyond writing faster (…) I overcame some issues and beliefs that had been holding me back for years. When I look at the list of my writing hurdles and fears that I wrote at the beginning of the course, I can say that many of them shrank or disappeared.
~ Veronika Palovska
Want to write more, too?
The Write It, Don’t Fight It course is for you if you’d like to write more but something is holding you back—whether that’s perfectionism, lack of confidence, writer’s block, procrastination, an overwhelming to-do list, or a rickety writing process. This course is most useful if you want to write a blog, book, enewsletters, or other content for your business.

This course teaches you the principles of joyful productivity and how to master your writing process, so you can become a more prolific and joyful writer.

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