YouTube Magnates System By John Frazer – Free Download Course MagnatesMedia


YouTube Magnates System By John Frazer – Free Download Course MagnatesMedia

Unlock The COMPLETE YouTube Magnates System Now!

The YouTube Business Blueprint: How To Build A Business From Your Laptop Using YouTube,
Generate High-Ticket Clients On Autopilot & Monetize Your Passion Whilst Helping Others

What’s Included:

The Full YouTube Magnates System (aka YouTube Business Blueprint) – the exact blueprint to build a hugely successful online business using YouTube (from scratch), OR create an automated lead generation machine for your existing business that positions you as an expert and attracts your ideal high-ticket clients.
​All 5 Modules Unlocked, Containing Over 40 In-depth Trainings – takes you step-by-step through everything you need, such as “how to make incredible content”, “how to rapidly grow a YouTube channel & go viral”, and “how to get potential clients chasing you instead of the other way around”.
​On-demand Video Lessons, Workbooks, Quizzes, Private Group & Priority Support – allowing you to complete the course at your own pace and leisure, whilst having continual help and support along the way whenever you need it.
​Unique All-In-One System – that’s like having a YouTube coach, a business coach, a mindset coach, and a marketing coach all on hand whenever you need them, because unlike other courses this does not just teach the YouTube side of things, but also how to setup 10+ revenue streams and rapidly scale your business.
​​YouTube Magnates Certification – official certificate upon course completion.
​Lifetime Access & Updates – this is the course that keeps on giving, as it will be continually updated. Invest once, and get access forever, including all future additions.
​FREE BONUS GIFTS: Exclusive Resources – for a limited time, we’re including some extra surprises to help you accelerate your YouTube growth even further.
​FREE BONUS: One-To-One Strategy Call – Personalised expert help with scaling and monetizing your YouTube channel and business (typically charged at $397 per call).

Who Is This Course For?

The YouTube Magnates System Is Perfect For ANY Of The Following:
Business owners who want an automated stream of high-ticket clients & leads on autopilot.
Entrepreneurs & marketers wanting to grow their brand and start dominating on YouTube.
Coaches & consultants wanting to significantly increase their income and help more people.
​Ambitious people wanting to ditch the rat race and start their own business (even with 0 YouTube experience and no business idea).
​Existing YouTube channel owners who want to get the views and subscribers they deserve, and start earning 6 or 7 figures a year from their channel.
​Anyone not getting the income/sales they want and is ready to follow a proven system that brings in pre-qualified clients who already want to buy from them, whilst also setting up multiple passive income streams that can bring in revenue 24/7.

5 Modules + Bonuses
Module 1: Foundations Of Your Empire

$200 Value
(Try For Free)
The Rules & Rituals For Huge Success
​Productivity Boosters & Procrastination Killers
The 5 Levels Of YouTube
​​The Business Model That Will Make You Rich
​The TRUTH About YouTube
​How To Find Your Perfect Niche & Customers
​How To Create Your Customer Avatar
​Brand Workshop
​Channel Naming Guide
​How To Setup Your YouTube Channel Correctly And Get Started
​The Ultimate Equipment Guide (and great option with $0 investment required)
​Course Guide & Tips
​Action Steps & Quiz
Module 2: Creating Binge-Worthy Content

$997 Value
The #1 Content Strategy
​The ‘Golden Rule’ Of YouTube
The 6 Strategies To Come Up With Endless Epic Video Ideas
​How To Become A Star On Camera (you do NOT have to be on camera at all if preferred)
​The WEIRD Way To Overcome Any Camera Anxiety
​The Entire Video Production Process & How To Optimize Each Step
​Resources For Free Music, Sound Effects & Videos In Your Content
​How To Use Copyrighted Material LEGALLY (such as movie clips)
​The Mindset You Need For YouTube & Epic Motivation Tools
​How To Avoid Burnout & Deal With “Haters”
​Action Steps & Quiz
Module 3: Growing Your Tribe

$997 Value
How To Beat The YouTube Algorithm
​Over 30 Ways To Increase All The Metrics That Matter Most (and get YouTube to promote your videos for years)
​SEO Wizardry For Ranking High In Search Results
​Complete Guide To Titles, Tags, Descriptions, Keywords & Playlists
​Promotion Secrets To 10X Your Views, Subscribers & Customers
​Content Strategy And Growth Hacks For Other Social Platforms
​The Subscription Strategy
​The Comment Strategy 2.0
​The Do’s and Dont’s Of Growing A Successful Channel
​25+ More Ways To Accelerate Your Growth
​Action Steps & Quiz
Module 4: Monetization Masterclass

$997 Value
How To Get Monetized Quickly
​How YouTube Ads Really Work & How To Double Your Ad Revenue
9 EXTRA Income Streams You Can Implement (and guides for each)
​High-ticket Sales: How To Turn Views Into Profit
​How To Easily Sell Your Expertise As A Course
​How To Sell Your Course Before You Create It
​How To Sell Your Expertise / Coaching For High(er) Prices (+Price psychology)
​Unique Strategies To Increase Your Coaching Revenue Whilst Getting Better Results For Your Clients
​Guide To Integrating Funnels & Email Marketing (Full System)
​Action Steps & Quiz
Module 5: Scaling Like A Magnate

$497 Value
How To Outsource Tasks Effectively And Free Up More Of Your Time
​Simple Hack To Find The Best People To Hire To Help You
​How To Build Your Team And Scale
​How To Leverage Technology And Automation Effectively
How To Use Ads To Fast Track Your Business & Channel
​Ad Strategy To Rapidly Grow Your Channel Whilst Profiting From The Ads
​The Credibility Vs Connection Seesaw
​The Rule Of Rarity
​Advanced Marketing Strategies
​Extra Resources And Tools To Accelerate Your Success
​FAQ’S & Recap
YouTube Magnates Certification
Gifts & Resources

$561 Value
One-To-One Strategy Call With YouTube Expert
​Channel Reviews
​Special Affiliate Deal (Additional Passive Income Stream)
​Private Group Of Like-minded People To Chat, Network & Collaborate With
​Lifetime Access To The Course
​Free Future Updates & Additions
​Priority Support With FAQ List Continually Updated
​All your YouTube questions answered
​Lots More That Hasn’t Been Mentioned On This List (the course has specifically been designed to be comprehensive whilst still being step-by-step, so that you have everything you could possibly need all in one organized system).
Each module of this course could be considered a course in itself, as they each contain 6 in-depth video trainings, 6 PDFs, to-do lists and a quiz.
However, we have combined everything into this one course in order to create the ultimate all-in-one system.

Therefore, this course is different from others because it is designed to build an entire business using YouTube, or help grow an existing business using YouTube. Whilst the course contains the exact steps for successfully growing and optimising a YouTube channel, this course also goes beyond that and teaches important mindset, business, marketing and sales concepts as well, so that you have everything you need for success with just one investment.

We have spent a lot of time on the structure and organisation of this course, so that each module and training takes you through each logical step in the process, and each module builds upon the previous one to avoid being overwhelming.

You will have lifetime access to the course (including future additions) and can go entirely at your own pace.
Absolutely no experience or expertise is required, and this course works effectively for people both with or without a YouTube channel currently.


For existing business owners:
A thriving YouTube channel that brings you an automated stream of new, pre-qualified leads & clients, who already want to work with you.
The ability to create incredible viral content, and a strategic system to use it on all social platforms, that will grow your brand exponentially.
​Save time on lead acquisition, get more clients, reach more people with your message, scale your business, and skyrocket your profits!
For those wanting to build a business from scratch (even with no experience):
Turn ANY interest or skill into a thriving YouTube channel with over 10 income streams, that allow you to earn far more than most jobs.
Help people on a global scale, by having your own dedicated audience, and creating digital products for them. (We show you exactly how to do everything!)
​Be your own boss and reclaim your freedom, work on your own terms, and earn automated passive income from anywhere in the world!


It started by accident…

I was posting videos on YouTube, and someone reached out to ask if I offered private coaching.

Technically I didn’t (yet), but my entrepreneurial instincts kicked in,
and after a few emails back and forth we agreed a monthly fee of $1,000.

I remember being both excited and confused (& frantically searching “how to be a good coach”)…

At the time, I hadn’t fully realised the incredible opportunity I’d created
by positioning myself as an expert in my niche on YouTube…

But it turns out when you view YouTube more entrepreneurially (i.e. a YouTube Magnate) instead of trying to become a ‘Youtuber’, you can achieve incredible results even with a fairly small audience.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (owned and integrated with the largest search engine in the world). So of course it makes sense that if you can show up when people are actively looking for help on any topic, you’re in the perfect position to sell related products and services to them.

When optimised correctly, YouTube content can also be evergreen, meaning unlike other social media content (that’s typically dead within 24 hours), YouTube videos can be promoted by the algorithm to your ideal audience for YEARS to come. Each video becomes an asset that’s working for you 24/7!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of why mastering YouTube can be insanely profitable for ANY business!

Once I realised the potential of using YouTube as a way to get clients (or build an entire business), I spent years learning everything I could about creating amazing content, growing a channel quickly, and turning views into sales.

After experimenting like a mad scientist, I began working with clients to help grow their channels, and realised that most advice people have heard is either terrible or outdated.

It also became very clear that the reason people were giving up with YouTube or claiming ‘it doesn’t work any more’ is simply that they had no system or plan to follow.

Sure, there were some courses for ‘aspiring YouTubers’ that offered help with content creation, some that helped with ranking in search, and so on… but no complete guide from start to finish covering EVERYTHING people needed in an organized system.

That’s why YouTube Magnates was born – the complete YouTube Business Blueprint – and also the first YouTube course specifically made for entrepreneurs and people wanting to earn passive income! Unlike all of the other YouTube advice out there, this course isn’t just focused on the vanity metrics, it’s designed to position you as an expert, and convert views into paying clients.

Ultimately, The YouTube Magnates system is the blueprint for a very successful online business.

Whether that’s a brand new business (in which case the course will help you find your niche and get started), or whether that’s for your existing business (in which case the course will help you get targeted leads and clients on autopilot using YouTube) – YouTube Magnates is the solution!

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